Coffee Urn, Electric Percolator - 100 Cups at Cody Party Store & Rentals
Coffee Urn, Electric Percolator - 100 Cups

The pecolators are great for making and keeping coffee, hot chocolate or tea fresh and warm for hours. takes 40 minutes to be ready, 2cups for every table spoon put in. useregualr grind cofee This unit does have to be plugged into a 120 volt outlet and does boil water. Coffee Maker Operating Instructions (#88) Our perculators make great coffee and help to keep it warm and fresh for several hours. They are primarily used for coffee but can also be used for tea and hot cho Operating Tips 1. Fill coffee maker to desired level with COLD water. You are not required to fill it. If warm water is used, the sensor to start warming the water will not turn the machine on. 2. Add medium ground coffee(not fine grind) to the following specifications; 1 table spoon for each two cups of coffee. Adjust depending on preference. 3. Plug coffee maker in 110 volt outlet. 4. Remove coffee ground when coffee has finshed brewing. This will help keep coffee fresh. The brewing times are as follows; 30-60 cups requires 60 minutes 90-100 cups requires 90 minutes Cleaning Instructions 1. Rinse coffee maker prior to returning. 2. Never immerse coffee maker in water