Chafing Dish Kit at Cody Party Store & Rentals
Chafing Dish Kit

This 8 qt. chafing dish set is constructed of durable 18-8 stainless steel, and features a welded stackable frame with a cover and cover holder.

Overall Dimensions: Length: 24" Width: 14 1/8" Height: 13"

Each Kit Includes:   (1) 4" deep water pan (1) 2 1/2" high dome Lid;  (1) frame; and (1) cover.

Lay the frame on the table. Insert the water pan with warm water about a third full. Next add the food pan on top and cover with the lid. Then light the two sterno gels and place them under the water pan. The flame will heat up the water and create steam which will in turn heat up the food over the hot water.

The sterno gels last from 4-6 hours.  *Not included in kit.  Separate retail purchase $6 each.