Champagne Fountain - 5 Gallon at Cody Party Store & Rentals
Champagne Fountain - 5 Gallon

Fountain Champagne Operating Instructions (#84) Pour a minimum of three gallons for a five gallon fountain. After pouring the liquid into the lower reservoir, turn the swtich to on. If the beverage does not circulate within one minute; turn the fountain off for ten seconds. Repeat this procedure several times until the beverage flows freely. If this procedure fails, pour beverage in the top reservoir, the the fountain running, until the pump is activated. If the flow of the beverage is to slow or too fast - adjust the flow with a swrewdriver through a 1/2" hole located in the upper part of the motor cover. If your fountain has a waterfall, taking off waterfall cover and turning the screw located inside the waterfall main body may also adjust the flow. IMPORTANT: Never run fountain dry or immerse the base in water. Helpful Hints: To Chill a beverage, use ice in the large bowl, ice cubes in a plastic bag, or several pieces of dry ice in the large bowl. Always pre-cool the beverage whenever possible to a least 36 degrees before adding it to the fountain. When using carbonated beverages, pre-chill to at least 36 degrees before adding to fountain. To avoid dilution place plastic bags of ice in the fountain. Carbonation will dissipate after ten to twenty minutes of circulation. It is advisable to add smaller quantities of mixtures to the fountain from time to time to maintain carbonation. Must be plugged into 110 volt power. Remember to let a cutomer know that you can not use a flute to pour liquid into. The glass is too long. A champage saucer or punch cup works best.