BBQ - Propane - 3 ft at Cody Party Store & Rentals
BBQ - Propane - 3 ft

This bbq only requires 1 propane tank. Comes with water pan. How to start the BBQ/Troubleshoot: 1-is propane tank turned on and full? Try a diffent tank to ensure the one being used is not faulty. 2-Is the red pilot knob turned to on and all other knobs on off. Only turn other knobs on when pilot is going. Best to remove grill to light pilot. 3-Is the valve for the propane hose turned on? (some bbq's don't have this option) 4-If none of the above work, the customer might have frozen the propane lines. This happens when the customer takes too much time between turning the knob on the propane tank to on and trying to light the pilot. It should be no more than 30 seconds. When this happens, they have to do the following: -turn propane tank off. -open all knobs on bbq-(this will allow frozen gass to escape) -leave knobs open for 3-4 minutes and then turn them all off. -Once ready, turn the propane tank back on and then open the pilot and light right away. -Only light one side per time when using two tanks on 4 and 6 foot bbq's. Note: Rental price is as if you were to clean it yourself. If you'd like us to clean it there will be an extra charge. Contact a store for more information!