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Food Thermos

Food will stay warm for 4-6 hours. Has slots on inside to slide trays or chaffing dish food pans. The following is how slowly you will loose warm temperature. Starting at 187F, 1 hour =181.5F, 2 hours =177.5F, 3 hours =174F, 4 hours =170F Cambro Insulated Front Loading Food Carrier, Full Size Pans. Front loading insulated food pan carriers for hot or cold food. Polyethylene construction, thick polyurethane foam insulation, sturdy latches and air-tight gaskets ensure temperature retention for hours, without any external heat source. Molded-in mounting plates prevent hardware from pulling out. Molded-in handles will not break off. Note: Place food pans on rails. Pans should not be placed on the floor of a Camcarrier cavity. Please use specified food pan sizes. If using metal food pans, cool to 250°F before placing onto rails. Compartment Capacity: - 1 full size 8" deep pan + 1 full size 2-1/2" deep pan or - 2 full size 6" deep pans or - 3 full size 4" deep pans or - 4 full size 2-1/2" deep pans or Size - 16-1/2" x 24" x 23-5/16" Shipping Weight - 31.5 lbs. **Colours may vary