Raffle Barrel - Small at Cody Party Store & Rentals
Raffle Barrel - Small
Sturdy metal construction, shining and attractive Smooth ticket mixing action Holds approximately 1,000 raffle tickets (8"d x 11.5"w x 11"h) These stylish raffle ticket drums are elegantly designed in brass plated steel. The craftsmanship of this brass raffle drum is superior to that of other standard raffle boxes. These brass raffle drums have an attractive pattern and sturdy construction.These wonderful brass raffle drums are perfect for promotional giveaways, company anniversary events or tradeshow lucky drawings! The brass raffle drum's 6"w x 6"d trap door is centered on the drum and secured with a rugged latch. Each raffle cage features an easy-grip wooden turning handle and a 5-3/4"w x 1/8"d ticket drop slot to insert tickets without opening the door. These easy spin, easy opening drawing boxes, brass raffle drums are sure to impress any crowd in any occasion!