Fill N
Fill N' Chill Bar Table Black - 31" X 73"
Keep your fresh foods and beverages cold with a Fill ‘n’ Chill Party Table! The Fill ‘n’ Chill Party Table makes keeping beverages and food cold a snap. Simply fill the table with 75-100 pounds of ice and then fill it with your food and drink. The Fill ‘n’ Chill Party table will hold up to 500 pounds, including 100 lbs of ice. When the event is finished or the ice has melted, simply open the two stage drain in the centre of the table and watch as the table drains thanks to its tapered bottom. Usable indoors or outdoors, the Fill ‘n’ Chill Party Table features steel legs which lock in place for improved durability, but fold under when the event is finished. Interior Dimensions: 29in x 69in x 3.5in Exterior Dimensions: 31in x 73in x 6.5in