Oh Christmas Tree at Cody Party Store & Rentals
Oh Christmas Tree

This tree is sure to inspire a sing-a-long! Includes: 8 X 16" 1st row infltated to 16" 2nd row inflated to 13" 24 X 11" 3rd row 2.3 4th row 2.1 5th row 1.9 6th 1.7 7t row 1.3 8th row 1.0 24 5" snow 3 white at 0.5 and 1 hunter green blown to 0.2 all tied together and the 0.2 green is what will hold your snow into place 16 X 5" red bulbs 2 tied together with one inflated to 0.5 and the other 0.2 smaller will hold your bulb into place when placed in the crease make sure to stretch all balloons even though it is an air design. With the smaller 5" it will help make them last longer. If the customer needs it for an extended time think of double stuffing your 5" to make it thicker ad harder to loose air. 18" gold/silver star 5' pole and base rental item *may not be exactly as shown.